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  • We don’t live in Bloomfield/ Can my teenager still signup?
    • Our Baseball League is open to all surrounding towns. There are no borders! If you can get to our Bloomfield fields, you can signup in our league.

  • League Age Cutoff (refer to Age Chart )
    • Junior level (league ages 12-14). Parents have the choice to sign-up their *higher*skilled 12yr old for 60/90 varsity field competition.

    • Senior level (league ages 14-17)

    • Adults & Amateurs (18-22, 23-33, 34+) no age cutoff: Volunteer your time to coach teenagers and/or tryout to play for the Bloomfield Buzzards' adult travel teams (6 different levels).

  • My teenager made the High School Team/ My teenager plays Travel/ Club Ball:  Will they be able to play in the BBA too?
    • Our games are a great way to get your teenager extra reps in the field (or pitching) and extra game time plate appearances.

    • Most after school sports, games or practices wrap up by 5:30/6:00 and even though our games start at 6:00/6:30, there is still plenty of time to get your teenager into our games which typically go until 8:30/9:00 (7 innings); as late as 10:05p on Fridays.

    • Most club teams don't practice every night and most of their games are played on the weekends so your teenager should be able to attend most of our games during the week.

  • How are teams formed?
    • Everyone is assessed and drafted to a team. Age, experience & skill level will be considered in order to get the combined balance of each team equal to all the other teams.

    • Most teams will carry a roster of 11-13 players.

  • What nights do the teams typically play?
    • Including practice, each team on average plays
      2-3 nights per week, Monday to Friday. NO weekends!

    • During Spring Season & Fall Ball, sometimes (but rarely), bad weather could force makeup games to Saturday mornings.

    • Opening Day in April with the Mayor is the only 'scheduled' Saturday games

    • During SUMMER LEAGUE, NO games on Fridays unless bad weather forces it.

  • When does the season “approximately” start & end?
    • Spring Season is INDOORS (February or March) then OUTDOORS March or April thru June

    • Summer League is July-August

    • Fall Season is September-November

  • Where do I find information about workouts, practices and assessments?
    • After you are registered - Workouts, practices and assessment information will be communicated via league emails or group texts. Plus, much info is provided on our Facebook, Instagram and/or our website calendar.

    • Your coaches will communicate with you as well, after you're assigned to a team.

  • When are the playoffs?
    • Spring Season is typically the end of June; very rare going into July (weather permitting of course)

    • Summer League is the end of August/ rarely going into September

    • Fall Season is the end of October/ often into November

  • What Bloomfield parks do the teams typically play at?
    • Wrights Field

    • Upper Memorial Field (next to Foley Football)

    • Bloomfield Middle School (JV Field #3)

  • How long do practices/ games typically last?
    • Practice 1 ½ - 2 hours. Game 2½ - 3 hours

    • Single-game nights, usually start at 6:05, and conclude no later than 9:05p

    • Double-game nights, usually on Fridays (or over the summer); slot one is 5:30-7:45p; slot two 7:45-9:55p

  • What is included in my registration fee?
    • Umpires, Balls, Team Uniform (hat & shirt).

    • Coaches will have available at each game & practice> baseballs and catcher’s equipment.

    • Also, included is access to the SportsEngine phone app which shows the game schedule, game results, division standings and league events.

  • My teen is new to WOOD-BAT play. What's the best route to get them equipped properly?
    • Any sporting-goods store (Dick's, Lefty's, etc) should have a knowledgeable employee to help you determine the ideal bat-size for your player.

    • NO 'BAMBOO' BATS ARE ALLOWED *Our league only permits wood-bats or wood-blends (wood composites are ok) like Ash, Maple & Birch; and the thickest part of the bat cannot exceed 2.61 inches in diameter.

    • We discourage the sharing of Wood-Bats unless living in the same household.

  • Are there any additional items we need to have for the season?
    • Required: batting-helmet, grey baseball pants, belt for pants, wood-bat(s), fielder's mitt, cleats, protective cup/ jockstrap, and transportation to/from games/practices. 

    • Optional yet recommended: batting gloves, bat bag or gear bag, sunglasses

    • Financial Hardship? Please inquire within about use of lightly worn equipment or gear that's been donated to our league (free to you, while supplies last).

  • Are there any discounts available?
    • Early Online Signups: Save $50 before March 1st (Spring Season),
      June 1st (Summer League),
      August 1st (Fall Ball), or

    • Save $25 online before:
      April 1st (Spring Season),
      July 1st (Summer League),
      September 1st (Fall Ball).

    • 20% Food-Voucher Savings: Upon your online-checkout, you can buy $25.00 in Food-Vouchers for only $20 bucks! These vouchers never expire, and can be used towards any food, drink, candy, merchandise, etc. ANY purchase made at the Big-Wrights Field food-window.

    • Dick's 20% In-Store Event: Use our BBA-Coupon at the Wayne Store, or at their In-Store-Kiosk on March 31st thru April 3rd for 20% Off! [Email us for the coupon.]

    • Dick's 10% In-Store Coupon: Always available April thru December. Email us for the coupon.

  • When is the All-Star game?
    • Game info will be posted on our website calendar or Facebook when available. The game is typically scheduled for the mid/end of June (pending weather conditions). Checkout our All-Stars from last year, click> ASG

  • Can a coach be requested?
    • A player may indicate that they prefer to play for a specific coach. To better your chances in accommodating this request, we encourage you to online register early.

  • Can I volunteer to coach?
    • Yes! Please see the coaches page for details and be sure to inquire at the Wrights Field clubhouse, or just call us at (973)680-4280.

  • Where do I send my payment?
    • Registering and paying online is recommended which will speed up the entire process, especially for the next time you register for other seasons or for other league events & fundraisers.

    • If paying in full via check or money order, please mail payment to: Bloomfield Baseball Association, P.O. Box 1956, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

    • We can also coordinate a cash payment & receipt at our concession stand. Please call or email us for arrangements.

  • How do I become a sponsor?
    • We have a sponsor link set up on our website to make the process as simple as possible. Click Here!

    • Or you can ask a Board Member for details at the Wrights Field clubhouse or email us at

  • Is the Wrights Field FOOD STAND open every night?
    • Our league, and its perks like the food-stand's reliability and 'hours of operation' varies week to week based on volunteerism.

    • Our small group of kitchen-volunteers do their best to keep the food-stand staffed and open on most game-nights.

    • If you are interested in volunteering some of your time, please call us (973)680-4280, stop by our Wrights Field food-stand to inquire, or for more details click here.

  • Is this league going to burden me or my teenager(s) with fundraising, begathons, hotel stays, or other out-of-pocket obligations, etc?
    • NO, all we do is focus on playing local baseball. YET, we do encourage our spectators to frequently visit our food-stand window to support the league's efforts to help keep our food-costs down.

    • NO, we believe our registration (player) fee is the appropriate amount to offset KEY league expenses, such as Umpire dues, uniforms, insurances, team equipment, etc.

    • NO, our few "fundraising" events & activities are only meant to generate extra fun, excitement & awareness, BUT are completely optional. Events such as the Home Run Debry, All-Star-Game, Trip to Cooperstown, Food-Promos (Bambino Bucks), Team Merchandise, etc.